Engagement Process

At Onintégré Technologies we utilize our resources and expertise to ensure that every product development project flows smoothly. We will maintain close communication with clients / partners throughout the project to ensure that progress is consistent with as per requirement.

To provide a complete, robust and cost-effective solution we follow below projects framework

Stage 1: Inquiry

Initial discussion between client and Business Development Manager to share our general skills and capabilities to verify if the same fits for completing project needs.

Stage 2: Requirement Analysis

A Detailed discussion with client team. Purposed to gather an in depth understanding of project needs and for client to get a thorough understanding of our specific technical capabilities needed for the project. Typically, this discussion will involve appropriate members of your team, our Business Development Manager, our engineers, and an Onintégré Technologies Project Manager.

Stage 3: Proposal / Statement of Work

With mutual agreement a detailed project proposal or Statement of Work (SOW) of the project will be prepared based on the information we have received during the Requirement Analysis stage. SOW defines project scope, activities, deliverable, schedule, costs, and proposed business terms.

Stage 4: Project Kick-off

Upon agreement on the Statement of Work, Onintégré Technologies will then assemble all the people and resources needed to start the project. Projects will include a kick-off meeting with members of client team and members of Onintégré Technologies Project Team.

At a high level; most project spin through stages like Research, Explore Concept, Develop Concept, Design, Prototype, and production.

We are committed to maintain quality at every stages of product development cycle. Proper documentation & quality control are practiced at all stages. Protection of IP is assured and complete technology transfer can be carried out as per the client’s request.